SMS the Best Ally to Take Care of Your Patients

Female Doctor using Twixtext to send SMS campaign

SMS the Best Ally to Take Care of Your Patients

The effectiveness of the text message (SMS) is more evident every day in the health sector because it provides quick, safe and easy communication with patients; obtaining the following benefits:

  • Support in patient care with high delivery and open rates.
  • Savings in administrative, telephone and communication costs.
  • Immediate reception at any time, place and mobile device.

Its use is mainly presented for:

  • Appointment reminder, vaccination, medical review, withdrawal of prescriptions and / or medications.
  • Follow-up on treatment where the patient is notified when any medication should be taken.
  • Inform about test results and diagnosis of routines, where the explanation of the doctors is not required; reducing waiting times in health centers.
  • Collect patient care information, with surveys through short codes, that allow the health center to improve services.
  • Send internal notifications to staff about notices of shift changes, incidents presented, meetings or others; for better organization and communication.
  • Campaigns to encourage donations.

In conclusion, the SMS allows patients to feel more connected and cared for by their doctors. That is why health centers are adopting this marketing strategy. What are you waiting for?

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