Trust, Delivered: Why SMS is the Confident Choice

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Trust, Delivered: Why SMS is the Confident Choice

  • SMS is a familiar and trusted channel. Text messaging has been around for decades and people are very comfortable using it. This familiarity breeds confidence and trust.
  • SMS is encrypted. Text messages are encrypted during transmission, making them secure. This gives customers assurance that their messages and data are private.
  • SMS has a high open and response rate. Up to 98% of SMS messages are opened and read, and people tend to respond very quickly to SMS. This gives companies confidence that messages will be seen and acted upon.
  • SMS is reliable. The SMS protocol is built to be extremely reliable, with very high delivery rates. This reliability gives assurance that important messages will get through.

Some successful examples of companies using SMS:

  • Retailers use SMS for order status updates, shipping alerts, and purchase receipts. This gives customers confidence that their purchases will be delivered as expected.

Worldwide, trillions of SMS messages are sent each year:

  • 60 billion SMS messages are sent each day worldwide. 
  • 97% of smartphone owners use SMS.
  • SMS open rates are up to 98%, much higher than email open rates of only about 20-25%.
  • Over 90% of SMS recipients open a text message within 3 minutes.

 This high responsiveness and interaction gives companies confidence in the effectiveness of SMS.

  • For time-sensitive communications like security alerts, appointments, and fraud warnings, SMS is the most reliable way to reach customers quickly and with confidence.

So in summary, SMS provides greater customer confidence and security through its familiarity, encryption, reliability, high open rates, and proven real-world use in trusted applications by reputable companies. SMS simply works, and that is why companies and customers believe in it.

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