Establishing SMS communication with people during this pandemic allows you to keep them informed and safe at home, avoid more infections and flatten the virus curve, due to the following advantages:

  • In the Health sector, for medical uses, they can send the test analysis results by SMS and thus avoid saturation in the medical center. If the result is positive, they can give patients the appropriate instructions to overcome the disease and the most recommended treatment.
  • Send periodic SMS to patients to know their symptoms, keeping a real control of the patient’s ailments and validate whether or not admission to the medical center is warranted.
  • You can request personal data from patients by SMS in seconds for better data management.
  • Answer journalists’ questions about preventive measures to be taken by government entities.
  • Connect and inform your customers by SMS of the prevention measures, schedule changes, offers and special discounts established in your business due to COVID 19 (supermarket, restaurant with delivery service, pharmacies and others) making them feel that they are always your priority.
  • Keep a community informed by sending bulk SMS, allowing you to send relevant information about COVID 19 that they can receive without requiring Internet access, like other applications. Thus increasing the response capacity and any type of incident can be dealt with in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, it is evident that SMS communication is great support for your business and medical personnel in health centers, in this struggle that we face on a daily basis. So, it is vital to use a reliable and secure platform like Twixtext to send your SMS campaigns. Contact us today for free advice at or call: USA +1.888.924.8341.