The Value of SMS: Connecting With Customers Who Prefer Simplicity 

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The Value of SMS: Connecting With Customers Who Prefer Simplicity 

Text messaging remains essential for modern businesses. While 85% of phones sold today are smartphones, studies show 15% of users still rely on basic devices. For these people, SMS can mean the difference between feeling included or forgotten in the digital age. And for businesses, SMS is the only way to reach them. 

Those relying on basic phones tend to be older, lower-income or in emerging markets. For them, SMS has many advantages: it’s affordable, reliable and works on any phone or network. It provides a simple way to interact with brands and access useful information. In a world where technology moves fast, SMS never leaves anyone behind.

Businesses benefit by connecting with more customers via SMS. By allowing customers to easily opt out and customize messages, SMS builds goodwill and loyalty. And with an open rate of 98%, SMS ensures that key messages are seen. 

Recent studies show nearly 400 million people will still lack a smartphone in 2025. So at a time when digital communications are booming, humble SMS remains surprisingly influential. It provides a lifeline for those at a tech disadvantage and a gold channel for businesses wanting to include them. 

In conclusion, SMS proves that sometimes simpler is better. In a world of worn-out devices and intimidating new technologies, basic text messaging remains vital. For around 400 million customers, and the businesses wanting to serve them, SMS still reigns supreme in 2023. It’s affordable, reliable and the perfect way to say “we’re thinking of you”

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