Frequently Asked Question

Young people consulted their doubts on Twixtext by mobile


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We are always here to help you. Just email us: or call us at: +1(888)924-8341

There are no set-up fee, no registration fees, no yearly contracts. Just buy credits and pay as you go. You can try our service with 10 free credits.

The numbers you upload into your address book will remain exclusively yours to contact and manage. We don’t re-use or sell them for any purpose.

Once you have signup an account with us, simply log-in and buy credits. Please see our pricing section for further details.

Yes. The contacts that you have uploaded, must have consented to receive messages from you. When you send the message, please clearly identify who is sending the message and make sure you have a functional “opt-out” option.

Yes, you can prepare your text messages in advance and set up a time, day of the week where your contacts will receive the text message.

SMS and MMS is available through all of the major mobile operators.

You can send your text message to as many people as you like, assuming you have purchased enough credits. Just pay as you go.

Up to 160 characters per message. If its longer than 160 character, the message will be split across more than one message.

Log into your account. Select “Messaging” and choose: Quick SMS or MMS, Professional SMS or MMS, File 2 SMS or MMS.

Log into your account. Select “Address Book”, then select “import”. You can then choose your file to upload which are cellphone numbers that you have enter in a comma delimited file (CSV). You can also go to “Address Book”, then select “contact” and manually enter the cellphone number of the individual customer.

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