SMS Leader of Mass Communications Against Whatsapp


SMS Leader of Mass Communications Against Whatsapp

Nowadays it is easier for companies to communicate with their customers through text messages (SMS) or mobile applications such as WhatsApp.

However, you must keep in mind that the communication channel to choose must guarantee the privacy of the data and that it reaches all your contacts, just as the SMS does.

Therefore, SMS is still the leader in business communications with an opening rate of 97% read in less than 4 minutes that WhatsApp does not guarantee.

You want more reasons? Here are the main advantages of your success:

1.- The SMS is reliable and available at any time, works without the Internet can send and / or receive messages, with the certainty that it will be delivered to its recipient on any mobile phone. 

Unlike WhatsApp, which requires the application to be installed on a smartphone with an Internet connection. 

2.- Direct, Effective and Secure Channel, which protects the data using to verify bank transactions, confirm shipments and even to authenticate the identity of its users in applications such as WhatsApp. 

3.- Ideal to send massive messages to all your contacts in minutes through a web platform like Twixtext, without commercial restrictions in your groups of contacts that WhatsApp presents.

Twixtext is the reliable messaging platform that gives you secure communication connections with your customers. Do you want to establish effective communication with your customers? Contact us for a free consultation at or call: USE +1.888.924.8341.