Why Does SMS Marketing Not Expire


Why Does SMS Marketing Not Expire

It is proven that the average person checks the mobile phone 150 times a day to verify if they have a new message, alert or call. 80% use text messages (SMS) to communicate and it is read in less than 4 minutes after receiving it.

That is why many companies continue to use SMS Marketing as their most reliable, secure and effective communication channel strategy; connecting with your clients through the sending of two types of messages:

  1. For Campaigns: Massive text messages from one sender to many recipients. It is effective to send notifications of promotions with coupons, offers or general information of an event.
  2. Transactional: Custom text message from a sender to a recipient. It is used to send a confirmation code, notification of purchase of electronic commerce, appointment reminders or collection of a service.

The SMS has revolutionized the marketing channels for companies: e-commerce businesses, travel and tourism agencies, hospitals or clinics, schools and educational institutions, service providers, large companies or multinationals and many more. Along with email marketing is the perfect formula to boost your profits and build loyalty to your contacts.

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