The Impact of SMS Marketing on Business


The Impact of SMS Marketing on Business

Currently, the SMS market is ready to be exploited, statistics show that about 96% of Americans own a cell phone with text-capable phone lines, which means that 316.4 million people can be reached by SMS just in the United States.

Best of all, 75% of customers have expressed that they would like to receive special offers by SMS. Thus, it is highly likely that companies will invest more in text message (SMS) or multimedia (MMS) campaigns to attract or retain their customers.

In addition, the number of companies that prefer to manage customer service and programming through text messages has increased because not only is it less expensive, but managing the interactions with customers by SMS improves the experience.

Therefore, the message you send needs to be distinguished from your competitors and you need to see if the customer response is favorable. In any case, the most important thing is to obtain the express consent of the client to receive SMS in order to comply with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulations to avoid sanctions.

In conclusion, texting is trending loyalty and customer support. In these difficult times with Coronavirus, SMS is an effective and powerful communication channel at low costs that can improve channels of interaction and loyalty with your customers.

Stay connected to your customers, provide them with messages of support and recommendations so that they can best manage this crisis, the valuable thing is to show them that they are the priority for your business.

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