Today with so many passwords that we have to manage, it becomes difficult for businesses to know if the client is really trying to enter your account or if he is a stranger trying to hack or access an account that does not belong to him; Because of this problem, it is because we listen and read about fraud in banks and credit cards, because people dedicated to doing evil and wanting to earn easy money, are dedicated to stealing accounts to use the balance sheets that it does not correspond to them; with this serious and delicate problem where thousands of dollars have been lost has become necessary and almost mandatory, that if a user will access your account from a PC, tablet or smartphone, that the system does not recognize, for not being registered, or if the person loses his password and wishes to recover it, the system very likely apart from the secret questions he has registered, sends a text message to the cell phone registered in the system, with a random security code, if this code is entered in the mobile app or in the portal and is correct and valid, the system automatically allows the entry. The text message when you get directly to the valid registered cell phone that is the owner of the account and allows you to enter and prevents the person from having to call customer service and take time online to confirm their identity.

In this type of situation is where a platform with API and portal capacity is required, to integrate any type of application and help in security systems and instant notifications to clients, we see in these types of solutions the power that messaging has of text and the speed of response and validation, which interacts with databases and systems that are online.

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