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97% of all SMS received are being read within 4 minutes.

Discover how cost effective Bulk SMS and MMS marketing campaigns can be to instantly reach customers. Receive 10 FREE credits when you sign up, and when you are ready to buy more credits, simply choose the packet that fits your business.

TwixText - SMS and MMS for your business SMS and MMS  Easy to use

SMS and MMS  No set up fee

SMS and MMS  No contract

SMS and MMS  No minimum order

SMS and MMS  The highest quality of international SMS & MMS for bulk marketing

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  • 400 Text Messages
  • 5¢ per message
  • International Coverage*
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Features of our Plans

  1. FREE Features
  2. Other Features
  TwixText   FREE   Auto reply by Keyword SMS
(A keyword on a 5 digit short code, is how SMS marketing identifies your campaign among all other ongoing campaigns using the same short code)


  TwixText   FREE   Dedicated Reply Number receives replies from SMS & MMS Campaigns
(the 1st number in any monthly plan)
  TwixText   FREE   Forward to email
  TwixText   FREE   Auto reply by email
  TwixText   FREE   Unsubscribe Feature
(An automated text back unsubscription feature)
  TwixText   Credits expire monthly.


  TwixText   Sending messages of up to 160 characters.

Purchase additional response numbers at low cost:

    $3.00 Pay As You Go plan
    $2.50 Silver per month
    $2.00 Gold per month
    $1.75 Platinum per month

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